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Accelerate growth and innovation by rapidly surfacing new market opportunities for your technologies.
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Instantly Surface New Applications

Aperture’s data covers thousands of technology areas in need of new solutions – at the product, service, component, and material level. Instantly see which applications have big or emerging problems, or those best fit with your products.


Uncover the Hidden Needs of Customers

Our dynamic database profiles millions of important and emerging problems and unmet needs in the market, across thousands of your current and potential customers, and virtually any industry.

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Find Connections with Your Unique Offerings

Aperture identifies and analyzes your organization’s unique products and technologies to highlight new applications and market needs where you can immediately create value.

The faster way to find real growth opportunities

Identifying new market opportunities where you can solve customer problems and create value can be extremely difficult and slow. 

Aperture gives you specific and actionable insight into new applications and customer needs 100x faster than other approaches.

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Find New Revenue for Your Products

Give your market development and sales teams actionable insight on where they can find the next growth area

Increase Hit-Rates in R&D

Better align R&D teams with the market to ensure they are focused on what customers need

Focus Your Growth Strategy

Find whitespace opportunities in markets that matter or inform longer-term innovation and market strategy

“Aperture has helped us improve both our near-term market development and longer-term innovation efforts, so we can work faster and stay in lockstep with today’s fast-paced markets.” 

Martin J. Curran, Executive Vice President & Corning Innovation Officer

How it Works

Aperture scans millions of data sources and extracts only the relevant information. We can also analyze your organizations' technologies and profile your unique strengths.
Patented analytics catalogue and summarize information on specific applications and problems in the market, and highlights potential matches with your technology.
Your teams can explore and analyze this data, surfacing specific new opportunities for your technology across virtually any industry - 100x faster than before.

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Empower your team with flexible subscription plans to the Aperture DiscoverTM software platform. If you need more support, we also offer custom analytics and curated opportunity identification services to fit the needs of any organization or growth initiative.
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